Homeowners Insurance

Who can forget the devastating hurricanes that struck our coastal areas or the disastrous tornadoes that swept through Alabama in recent years? Recent tornadoes caused billions of dollars in losses, and many uninsured homeowners lost everything. Homeowner's insurance protects against these types of losses. Basic coverage includes property damage, additional living expenses, personal liability, and medical payments.

Alabama Homeowner's Insurance offers protection if disaster strikes. Adequate home insurance coverage can protect everything in and around your home. We will match what you require in property insurance with the offerings from multiple companies to find you the best rate.

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Flood damage is not covered by your homeowner's policy. Flood coverage must be purchased as a separated policyEven if you don't live near water, flood damage insurance is a smart investment to provide additional protection to your home and property. Heavy rains can result in severe flooding in highly developed urban areas where the ground has lost its natural ability to absorb water. Call to find out more about flood insurance, zoning, and how to reduce your risk.

Property damage insurance protects homes, personal property, and detached structures. 

Additional living expenses cover the cost of a temporary residence while a home is undergoing repairs. 

Personal liability coverage pays for damages awarded to non-family members for injuries caused by the homeowner's negligence. 

Medical payment coverage pays medical bills if a visitor is injured on the homeowner's property.  

Renter's insurance
Most apartments, property management companies, and landlords require their tenants to carry renter's insurance. Renter's policies are available to protect your personal belongings as well as liability insurance to cover injury and damages.
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